Crrently we have 4 furnaces for glass production:
for opal glass – in continuous operation 24 hours a day
for clear glass - in continuous operation 24 hours a day
for seta glass – pot furnace
day tank – furnace for production, depending on demend, clear (transparent) glass very high qulity or colour glass

Outstanding manual and technical skills of our blowers and specialist in glass processing provide the highest quality of our products. This allows us to create products with the highest degree of difficulty, eg. globes diameter of 600mm, glass shades with a diameter of 900 mm, 300x300 mm cubes, tubes with a diameter of 250 mm and a height of 670 mm or 190 x 1000 mm. We have produced products with a length of 2500 mm. We are also able to produce products length to 2500 mm.

Our lampshades can be decorated using a wide range of treatments such as:
acid matting
sand matting
sticking and fixing decals

In order to increase the attractiveness of products, our lampshades can be decorated using workshop techniques such as:
production with the use of pre-moulds
joining with coloured grits
achieving the effect of bubbes (bubbles of air)
achieving the effect of cracle (cracking surface)
Most of our products is produced on special orders the biggest world’s lighting manufacturers as well as individual designers. We accept for production copyright lighting projects regardles of the number of the order.
Implementation of the difficult and unique projects would not be possible without the support of staff from our development department, who serve you with advice and assistance. The scope of our services includes also the possibility of the production of wooden and metal molds.
The basis for being the best in the industry is well organized quality assurance process at every stage of production. A team of people specially selected and trained cares about meeting customer requirements.
Control is not only checking the product, it is also to control the whole process from order through production control until the exit of the goods to the customer. This enables us specialized program as well as integrated quality control system.